Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Birthday Bash for Danny with Surprise for Tom

This was not a St Patrick Party but Dann and Tom's Surprise Birthday 

Hallsville, MO

A Murder Mystery to be Remembered!

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Sat. April 9, 2016 by advance reservation above

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Girl Scouts and Clue Scavenger Hunt with Dr.Whoom and Clara as well as Sherlock Holmes

           Dr Whoom and Sherlock Holmes meet in                    Time Machine and meet Clara Clue

  This was a Girl Scout Mystery Dinner Theater with Scavenger Hunt hosted by Victorian Country Inn, B&B, LLC, Hallsville, MO. 65255, USA. Ms. B arranged with Ashland Girl Scout Leader, Jessica Bach, Ashland. She sent a note saying
"Thanks for a memorable event." The girls are still talking about it. Thanks again."

Mark Freemantle and Debbie Dickson (Freemantle) as Clara and Sherlock Holmes

 Ray Spencer, Jr and Clue Dog, Harley Duke Spencer
 Girl Scout Badge earned
 The New Dr. Whoom played by Mark Freemantle
 Clara and her Clues played by Debbie Dickson Freemantle
 Victorian meets Sci Fi Dr Whoom and actual Brit
 Dr Whoom displays his sonic screwdriver
 Dr Whoom has his own personal theme cake by Terri McHugh of Celtic Wyndes Farms, Hallsville, MO. See her theme cakes with clues, weapons and dreamsickle cupcakes. Dreaming of future and past with Dr Whoom and Clara's Clues at Victorian Country Inn, B&B LLC, Hallsville, MO. USA

 Dr Whoom's actual authenic pocket clues back in time
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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater 2-27-16 with multiple suspects in Bank Robbery and Murder

Columbia, MO guests come to local Murder Mystery Dinner Theater to see Who What happened in the time of Bonnie and Clyde and Baby Face Nelson and more mobsters of the Roaring 20's at Victorian Country Inn.com, Hallsville, MO. just 15 min north of Columbia, MO. USA

This is a bit historical and fictious characters that make it history and mystery at this Bed Breakfast and Theme Events with Costumes and Mugshots with no lines to memorize as you are the suspects and characters much more interactive and fun than normal Murder Mysteries. A Gourmet meal with Bourbon Glazed Tenderloin or Grilled Wine Basted Chicken Breast as entrees.
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